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Blue Ceramic Espresso Cups

Blue Ceramic Espresso Cups A great way to start the day – with a perfect espresso!I love coffee. For me a good espresso is an aesthetic experience – everything has to be just right – the freshly ground coffee beans, the right strength of espresso and as important, the right …

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Coffee Pot with 6 cups

Coffee Pot with 6 cups Handmade ceramic coffee pot and bedouin style cups. These ceramic pieces were also handly painted. This product was made in Palestine in localy family owned shop. These families have been making ceramic dinnerware for hundreds of years were skills were passed down to them from …

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Ceramic Espresso Cups

Ceramic Espresso Cups The cup is hand-crafted with a gray speckled clay on a pottery wheel The cup is glazed on the inner surface and partly on the outer surface, leaving a showing of some of the lovely raw rustic speckled clay. #ceramics #cups #ceramiccup

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